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The Capitol Beat: October 16, 2017

With little or no interaction and few signals from legislative leaders that a new budget proposal may be on the horizon for FY 18-19, Governor Malloy today offered his fourth proposal to pay the state’s bills and balance the budget during the biennium.

The Governor’s new […]

The Capitol Beat: January 4, 2017

In with the New, In with the Old: 2017 Legislative Session Convenes

The 2017 General Assembly session convened today, featuring the swearing in of new and veteran lawmakers in the state Senate and state House of Representatives and an austerity speech from Governor Dannel Malloy.

The […]

The Capitol Beat: December 16

Still No Announcements on Legislative Committee Makeup for 2017

With just two and a half weeks before the gavel sounds on January 4th convening the 2017 General Assembly session, there have been no formal announcements from legislative leaders on the makeup of committees.

Historically, […]

The Capitol Beat: Fiscal Year End Review

Fiscal Woes Continue to Haunt State; Path Forward Becomes Ever More Difficult

The state just can’t seem to make the numbers do what it wants them to: head toward a positive trajectory.

A look back at the 2016 Fiscal Year (FY), which closed on June 30th, illustrates […]

The Capitol Beat: April 7, 2016

Finance Committee Calls it a Day, Approves Tax, Bond Other Revenue-related Proposals

The Legislature’s Finance Committee today approved, along party lines, a proposed 2017 tax package that would support the budget approved by the Appropriations Committee yesterday. However, as many pointed out, the package does […]

The Capitol Beat: April 6, 2016

Appropriations Committee Okays 2017 Midterm Budget, but it Won’t be the Last Word

The ink was barely dry on the Appropriations Committee’s $19.9 billion alternative 2017 budget Wednesday when Governor Malloy announced that it did not cut spending deep enough and that he would produce yet […]

The Capitol Beat: January 27, 2016

A Lot of Lemons: Governor, Legislature Face Growing Deficits […]

The Capitol Beat: January 15, 2016

Transportation Finance Panel Issues Final Recommendations

The panel convened by the Governor to develop both short- and long-term financing plans to repair and improve all major components of the state’s multi-modal and integrated transportation system today issued its recommendations. These proposals would serve to […]

The Capitol Beat: August 31

The world may owe you a living, but you have to hustle to collect!

Governor Says Nyet to GOP’s Call for a Special Session to Repeal Unitary Tax […]

The Capitol Beat: February 2-6

Speaker, Municipal Commission Back Incentives to Generate Revenues for Towns

In the latest push to give municipalities more flexibility and relieve them of their over-reliance on the regressive property tax system, House Speaker Brendan, D-Hamden, and the municipal commission he created several years ago, this week […]