History of Gaffney, Bennett & Associates

Meet the GBA Team


Founded in 1984, Gaffney, Bennett and Associates is perennially rated one of the top political consulting, lobbying, government relations firms in Connecticut by officials in all three branches of government, on both sides of the aisle, and by industry peers. The lobbying firm, located in New Britain, CT, has excelled for nearly 30 years in making the voices of its clients known to the decision makers in D.C. and CT. The Connecticut firm’s eight full-time lobbyists and lawyers bring to the table decades of experience in government and politics at the local, state and federal levels. It is this breadth of experience, combined with our command of the process, ability to forge alliances, reach decisionmakers, and manage crises, that is the underpinning of Gaffney, Bennett and Associates’ unsurpassed record of success.

When prospective political consulting clients approach us about relating their interests to local, state and federal governments, more often than not it is because they are concerned about the effect emerging laws, regulations or budget and tax issues could have on their business or organization. They need a persuasive advocate, experienced in government relations in the state of Connecticut, a firm of lobbyists and lawyers who will be honest, vigilant, and effective. And that’s where Gaffney, Bennett and Associates excels.

Together with our clients, our firm’s lobbyists map a strategy, define the various possibilities and pitfalls that could be encountered, and set about getting the job done. Our rigorous attention to detail and pull-no-punches style have served our clients well over the years in the field of government relations, and have helped Gaffney, Bennett and Associates log a track record that is the envy of every lobbying firm in CT.

Gaffney, Bennett and Associates currently represents more than 70 clients on various legislative, regulatory and administrative matters in both Hartford, Connecticut and Washington, D.C. These clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies; utilities; telecommunications providers; health care institutions; municipalities; trade and nonprofit associations; and a large number of small- to medium-size businesses and organizations. Significantly, Gaffney, Bennett and Associates has enjoyed long-term relationships with the lion’s share of these clients.